03 03 2015

Somaliland and Punt land send warning messages to each other over land disputes

Somaliland-150x150Somalilands interior minister Ali Mohamed Waram-Adde says that Puntland have violated diplomatic relations between the two states.

The warning came after the vice president of Puntland state visited his ancestral home town known as Taleh which lies between the two states.

On the other side, the vice president said that the Puntland administration will forcefully regain Taleh which he said belonged to Punt land state.

Taleh is now controlled by the Khatumo administration which is claiming to be a state but has not yet gained recognition from the federal government.

The two administrations might clash any time if the matter is not solved diplomatically according to observers.

This is fuelled further by comments which were recently made by Sadaq Abshir who is a member of parliarment in the Puntland administration.

“It is unfortunate for a Somaliland minister to give orders to who is to visit Taleh because Taleh is not a region owned or settled by the Isaaq community” said the Mp while he was talking to Shabelle radio.

On the other hand, the Khatumo administration does not take orders or fall under the opposing states.

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